Whittier’s Newest Alumni Class

FIRST CAME THE “CHEERS!” Then came the clinking of glasses. And that’s how the Class of 2012 kicked off Senior Week on Sunday at Whittier College’s annual Alumni Association Induction Brunch.

With the stress of finals behind them and an excitement for graduation dancing on their shoulders, seniors passed the afternoon laughing with friends and chatting away with table hosts from the College’s Alumni Association.

Later, alumnus Henry Priest ’98, alumna Nadine Barragan ’09, and President Sharon Herzberger shared with the seniors some words  about life after graduation, the transition from student to alumni, the importance of ‘giving back’ to the College, and the advantage they’ll have in the real world thanks to their liberal arts education.

However, the highlight of the afternoon was when the seniors received their official Whittier College Alumni Pin, inducting them as the newest members of Whittier’s Alumni Association.

Sneak preview of the 2012 Class Photo…look for the “real” one framed and on display in Dezember Alumni House through May 2013!


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